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Digital Services

Arpico Finance ePay

Introducing the new online loan & lease repayment facility by Arpico Finance Company PLC. Make all your repayments using our secured ePay platform by using any VISA and MASTER Credit/Debit Card through the Sampath Bank Payment Gateway

Sampath PayEasy

  • Log into the https://www.payeasy.lk/
  • Provide your loan agreement number
  • Submit the amount you want to pay
  • You can use any debit card, credit card or Sampath Vishwa

Note: If you do not have an account, you will have to create a new one. It is simple, easy and free process for anyone

Dialog EZ Cash

  • Dial #111# and select ‘Pay Merchant’
  • Enter PIN
  • Enter merchant’s mobile number xxxx
  • Enter amount
  • Confirm transaction
  • You will receive a receipt via SMS

eZ Cash Mobile App
  • Login to the app
  • Enter merchant’s mobile number xxx
  • Enter the amount & click ‘Pay’


  1. Click on ‘Biller’ on FriMi app
  2. Click on ‘Leasing and Finance’
  3. Select ‘Arpico Finance Company PLC’
  4. Enter your Arpico Finance ‘Lease Agreement Number’ – (Mandatory)
  5. Enter the leasing rental amount
  6. Enter payment description
  7. Enter your vehicle number
  8. Finally Proceed the payment

Arpico Finance Self Care

Now you can access to all your products and services with absolute ease. This is the official Mobile App of Arpico Finance Company PLC.

View All your account details
Upload payment slips
View latest FD Rates
And many more

Mobitel mCash

Pay your Arpico Finance Leasing on the go via mCash.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps by dialing #111# or download the mCash app or visit your nearest mCash retailer and make payment

AFCP SMS Financing

Inquire your Arpico Finance leasing details via Mobitel USSD Service.
Simply dial *2244# from your Mobitel number using any phone model.