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About Us

About Us

Arpico Finance Company PLC, a proud member of the AMF Group holds pride to serve you for 67 years in the finance industry. The company has broaden the horizons to provide leasing, hire purchase for vehicles, trade finance, and real estate to our clientele. With thanks to the history over 67 years, Arpico Finance Company PLC is the second oldest finance company and now open doors to accept public deposits, Loans and Micro financing.

Our Vision


Our Mission



We believe in a future that allows each individual to grow financially, which will lead to create a well-established economy. At Arpico Finance, we are dedicated to respond punctually while integrating the premium financial solution to assist each customer concern with utmost trust and respect.

Building a Stronger Company

What set us apart from the competition is, mainly our loyal and long standing customer base, the commitment of our employees to serve the customers’ needs and provide a top-quality after sales service and the strong and ethical management tenets that impart an unwavering focus in building strong relationships and thereby, a strong company. Success of your company, over the past six decades, weathering the storms that prevailed in the finance business and navigating a challenging macroeconomic environment is mainly due to the clear strategy and the exceptionally focused execution of it, by our employees. Success of the approach is demonstrated in the strong balance sheet growth delivered and the profit before tax of Rs. 426.6 Mn. recorded for the year. Strategic governance being our leadership model, we place a high value and focus on our risk governance, in no secondary form. Risk is measured and appropriate steps taken to eliminate those that the company has no appetite for, along the way as a core criterion of our business. Board Committee and the Management are directly involved in risk governance. The stability of our company for over six decades without having a financial debacle, is largely due to this strong culture of strategic and risk governance. Drawing learning curves from the failures we see around us, we ensure that the same vulnerabilities do not exist in our company. Last year, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka recognized us as a medium size company among financial institutions, based on the size of the balance sheet. In the coming year, our focus, as always, is on growth, not in small scale but in large scale to grow us into a large financial institution. We focus on growing to be among the “giants” from where we are today, as a mediums scale company. Therefore, our strategic focus is to grow and grow large. Arpico Finance Company PLC (AFCP) is a fully-fledged finance company, incorporated under the Finance Business Act No. 42 of 2011 and licensed and monitored by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. We are Sri Lanka’s second oldest finance company, being in existence for over six decades. Supporting small and medium enterprises as well as retail business, currently we serve a large portfolio of customers who has placed their confidence in us. Established as a Private Limited Company by Richard Pieris Group in 1951, we were listed in Colombo Stock Exchange in as far back as 1955. Thereafter, the controlling interest of AFCP was acquired by Alliance Finance Group in 1967. With the consolidation drive initiated by the Central Bank, Alliance Finance Group divested its controlling interest to Associated Motor Finance PLC in 2014, which is now the major shareholder of the Company with a stake of 94%. We offer a diversified product portfolio to our customers by way of leasing and hire purchase, deposits based on robust interest rates, small scale corporate loans and Islamic Financing to our loyal customer base. We are privileged to serve generations of customers, who have relied on us for their financial needs.