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Privacy Policy

1. The reason for obtaining personal data

The information is collected from the customer to provide a better service on Lease/Hire Purchase facility for a vehicle. The information collected from the customer will be used, thereafter, for all the other services we provide and maintain with him.

2. Consent

The data once entered, provides the company with the consent to use the information for the above purposes.

3. Registration

All the terms and conditions of the respective product will be applicable once the customer provides the necessary data and registers with a service.

4. Information Security

The information provided by the customer is kept as confidential and secure as possible.  The company will abide by the relevant data protection and privacy laws applicable to it.

5. Accuracy

The customer needs to provide accurate information to the company. The company will not take any responsibility in case the customer provides false information.

6. Assigning Power

The Company will disclose the personal information with other companies, organizations or individuals when the signed contract is assigned to another party by the company.

7. Applicable laws

The Company is bound by the laws and regulations imposed by the government of Sri Lanka and legal processes to disclose the information provided by the customer when required. (E.g. – Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Financial Transaction Reporting Act)

8. Termination

The Company has the sole discretion to terminate this agreement if the customer provides false information.

9. Changes

The Privacy Policy may change from time to time.  Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on the website.

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